• 18 Channel Amplifier is not only used to deliver loads of clean power. it also incorporates a cutting -edge 18-channel DSP with outstanding Process power.
  • As it has 96kHz sampling rate and an extended audio handwidth of more than 22kHz, The technology can raise the sound quality.
  • The configuration of the internal 32/40 Bit DSP could hardly be easier thanks to the professional and user-friendly DSP PC-tool software and user – friendly DSP PC-tool software that offers almose unlimited sound tuning futures


The product has the clean design while remaining very compact for ease of installation;


Full audio bandwidth up to more than 22kHz thanks to 96kHz sampling rate;

Cutting -edge, extremely powerful ” floating point’ Audio DSP with 32/40 Bit resolution and 1.2 billion MAC operations per second;

16 Volts compatible without the need to make any changes to the unit;

10 speakers outputs with up to 80 Watts for per speaker ; 8 speakers outputs with up to 50 Watts per speaker;

8 Processed RCA output and 18 Highlevel output ;

2 Optical input ; 16 Highlevel input ; 8  RCA input

With Karaoke Module and Karaoke Microphone Receiver;

Automatci Remote Switch;

Compact Design with low heat dissipation thanks to extraodinary efficiency


D/A: PCM3168A X 3 PCS

There are 3 piece of PCM 3168 A with 6-in / 8-out PCM3168A , per piece for 6CH, It can transfer the diginal code from the DSP chip to Analogue code


Diginal Amplifier IC : MA12070 X 5 pcs for 10 CH, 80 Watt /CH

Analogue Amplifier IC: TDA-7850 x 2ps for 8 CH, 50 Watt/CH